The stages are back, and we have tested them; all is (mostly) well. I (Ron Wodaski) am currently writing the software to control the stages for positioning the pick-off mirror. The software is well along and will be tested over the next week or two.

We are still working to get the replacement secondary mirror for the one-meter telescope. The blank was nearly done, but cracked. We are reviewing the design to see if we can make it easier to manufacture, then we’ll have another made, and move on to polishing about three months later. So it’s going to take a while to get the mirror completed.

We are still using a video camera for guide testing; that limits what we can do due to limited sensitivity. Eventually, we’ll acquire a sensitive CCD camera for guiding.

The tip/tilt (similar to AO guiding from SBIG and others, but at much much higher speeds) setup has undergone initial testing. It’s going to be reconfigured in the near future, and then we’ll work on implementing it for use in imaging.

Here is a recent image of NGC 4217 taken during testing of guiding. It’s a single 10-minute image.